Training Programs and Treatments

Come join with me and share knowledge with others in:

The 650 hour Massage Therapy Program
Starts September 28th 2019, Saturday & Sundays, 10 am - 6 pm, completes May 24th 2020

Overnight accommodations & camping available inclusive in program cost

Fulfilling the required coursework and hands on training for state licensing the program completes May 24th 2020. Required classes include: massage therapies techniques, theory & practice beginning with Swedish, anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, pathology, hydrotherapy, 1st Aid & CPR, health and hygiene, business, professional ethics and the internship. Included will be a focus in nutrition, food, dietary choices, medical terminology, health history and counseling approaches. This inclusion of 150 hours of introductory Integrative Medicine course material is included in the training.  The following page is a summary of the basic Integrative Medicine descriptions.

Plan to visit on a Saturday/Sunday in the beautiful Hill Country for an open house to meet, see the ranch, and get a sense of the scope of the program. As the training is scheduled weekends, accommodations are included in tuition. There is camping and  cabin rooms available on the ranch and on the Rio Frio.  Students need to bring their own food for classes though we have several restaurants and stores nearby. 


The tuition fee for the program is $4200, but there is a discount of $600 to be used for driving costs, linens, and a massage table. $3600 is the total cost of the program with $1800 due by the second class meeting October 5th. The second half cost of $1800 will be due mid-January of 2020. The program will complete May 24th 2020 with a graduation and transcript celebration. Transcript is required to take the national test for state licensing. This training exceeds the Texas hourly requirements of 500 hours.


The Integrative Healing Short Program
On Wednesday evenings from
6-9 pm, October 2nd to November 20th, 2019
Designed for the individual from a truly multi-disciplinary approach, going beyond just lecture to active participation in weekly health histories to experiences that anchor learning. We will gain understanding of how to maintain health by looking at the full range of choices available in today's health care systems.  Expanding knowledge: through coloring and discussion studies of the body systems in anatomy and physiology, common medical terminology that tie in directly to nutrition and food, being a thorough exploration of Eastern and Western traditions. We will be joined by presenting practitioners in the areas we are studying, video presentations, along with practice in experiences that demonstrate how the various healing systems work with modern medicine to establish good health and well being.

Tuition fee is : $150 for the 8 sessions.



Health  and well being  are all about accessibility to all the health care choices. 

This massage therapy program includes HOW to utilize the medical model with alternative approaches for continuing good and longevity.

We all know that there are people in our communities that need support to gain and maintain health.

A career as a massage therapist is in high demand across the country because massage is a middle ground to feeling better and staying with choices and a plan.



Massage Therapy:
1hour session: $60

1.5 hour session: $90

Treatments in your home: $120


Health Coaching, Bach Flower or Nutritional Counseling:
Each 1.5 hr session: $90

with follow-up consultations: $45


Guided Breath Work:

2 hours per session: $75

Before your first session please attend a free Rebirthing/Breath Seminar on most alternating Fridays 6-9 pm.
Your first session is free. The commitment is then for 8-10 sessions,
with a 15% discount for every prepaid 4 sessions.


Far-Infra Red BIO-MAT Therapy:

30 minutes: $25    
50 minutes: $40

Meditation  or  Private Yoga Instruction:

1.5 hours: $45 training with practice support.

Infant Massage Instruction for Caregivers:

4 hours, 2 caregivers: $90 

                                     Appointments are scheduled:

                                     Monday to Fridays 10 to 8 pm

                           Saturdays & Sundays mornings/evenings.

Knowledge + action revitalizes

Bodywork creates ease & stability

Coaching expands understanding

Good nutrition supports physical & emotional balance

Breath Work and meditation

     awaken intuition and your

     reason for being.