Joanna P. Connor

B.A./M.A. Humanistic Psychology/Counseling and Holistic Health

Massage program director with Alamo Community College and
   Southwest Texas 
Educational Trainings

Licensed massage therapist and Independent Massage Therapy Instructor
Texas, New Mexico and Hawaii.

Licensed public school teacher K-12 in Texas, New Mexico, and Hawaii.

My training, teaching, and practice in Integrative Healing extends over thirty years. Initially, like many of us I was mostly seeking solutions to my own health issues.


I trained in Santa Fe, NM in two 1000 hour programs in massage therapy and Naturopathic Medicine.  At that time I already had a meditation practice of five years and my need to leave behind past issues was addressed in guided breath work and Rebirthing sessions along with dynamic health improvements.


With extensive training in breath work and further bodywork, I moved to Maui, Hawaii. I had already lived on the Big Island. There on Maui, I was graced to be part of a therapeutic team lead by two medical doctors who, along with Western diagnostics, were practicing Integrative Medicine. Included with nearly every patient's treatment appointments were rotating sessions in massage, deep tissue treatments, Chinese Medicine with herbs and acupuncture, along with nutritional support, and counseling.


I was lead to complete a BA/MA in Humanistic  Psychology/Counseling and Holistic Health on Maui with an outreach program established by the San Diego University for Integrative Studies.  It answered many of my questions about how learning occurs because in psychology people often come for guidance on how to make behavioral changes. From that time to the present I have been facilitating people to better health both in medical offices, privately in one-on-one sessions, and in group classes. 


I bring a wealth of extensive experience and knowledge to classes, programs, and my individual client therapy work. One-on-One sessions in health coaching, massage, and breath work with me allows individuals to have deep, lasting changes that free understandings of all that they can become and truly are along with new choices.


What I value most in teaching classes is the ability to take the time to present complex ideas and facts in a relaxed environment. In enabling students through reflections with other students we all reap the maximum benefits in the exchanges.  Classes come ALIVE with AhHa moments. I have honed my presentation skills from teaching Functional Reading, Massage and Integrative Medicine over 20 years. I bring into classes both my skill and my passion for in-depth understanding of how the systems of medicine work together for prevention, recovery from illness for life-time good health.